Worm Reduction Gear Box

Worm Reduction Gear Box

Reduction gear units are manufactured in different sizes in adopter type as well as solid foot mounting type to transmit minimum 0.05 H.P. and maximum 60 H.P. with selection of correct sizes. Normally available in ratios of 5:1, 10:1, 20:1, 30:1, 40:1, 50:1 and 60:1 of reductions, Also higher ratio from 100:1 to 3000:1 can be given on specific inquiries.
Worm : The worm is solid with shaft is made of high grade steel so as to give hard wear resisting surface.

Worm Wheel : It is made of Cast Phosphor Bronze rim shrunk and keyed on Cast iron center block for bigger units and solid casting for smaller units. The teeth are hobbed on gear hobbing machine.

Gear Housing : It is made of close grain cast iron, large cooling fins on both sides and adequate cooling area improves efficiency.

Bearings : The ball or roller bearings are used in worm & wheel with ample capacity so that it can take journal and thrust loads.

Oil Seals : Best quality of oil seals are used.

Specifications : Wherever they can be applied in material and construcation, they are made almost to I.S.S. 3734-1966 for worm gearing.

Guarantee : Every worm reduction gear units is guaranteed for �ONE YEAR� against manufacturing defects. If any gear is becoming defective within guarantee period the same will be repaired or replaced free of charge provided it is sent to our works on site carriage oaid. Any defect caused by accident transit or misuse is not covered by guarantee.